pCloud for Business

What he likes: “Lots of space (2TB!), easy to use, app works great everywhere -- iPhone, windows machines, mac machines, linux machines, web browser -- I use them all.” And at risk of gushing, pCloud offers iPhone photo backups, let’s me can share folders and files (read-only or edit allowed), and I have the choice of syncing (local copy) or moving to the cloud and removing from my device (which, if you are backing up your cloud docs, is a great way to save space on phone/computer) Plus encryption is available. Because there is so much space, I can also backup cloud services to it, including: Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, and OneDrive.

Why Was I Looking for a New Solution?  Dropbox wasn’t satisfactory because they dropped support for particular Linux machine file systems that I use.

Pricing: Excellent for small businesses

How to get it: Click on the image below to sign up for a free 30 day trial

pcloud for business trial

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Disclosure: We’re so into pCloud and its features and security, that we’ve signed up as affiliates--we’ll get a few bucks and  you’ll get the benefit of being able to ask us questions about our experience setting this up for other businesses.

Considerations: If you have users already utilizing multiple cloud storage solutions, you may need to do a bit of planning before deciding to implement yet another service. Ideally we’d like to see our clients set up consistent storage, security AND backups so that they are less susceptible to ransomware and just plain chaos.


Want a quick review of your current storage structure and to get your ransomware susceptibility score?  Choose a time on Michael Schechter's calendar here:

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SimpliFONE’s Anywhere App

simplifone logoSimpliFone business phone service comes with an app that lets your users make and receive calls from anywhere, as if they were at their desk. I’ve been testing this for several months for myself and with key customers. I have to say this is one of my favorite features and the feedback has been surprising. At one client who has 7 employees, we found that 2 of the employees really didn’t need a desk phone but they didn't want customers having their cell #. The app lets them make and receive calls using their work # and extension, so they never give out their private cell #. The whole private cell # is a big pain in the butt when an employee leaves or when someone is on vacation or home sick, so this solved a big headache for the company. It even shows if someone is already on a call, and supports DND (do not disturb), among other things.

I’ve been testing the app myself and have tested other apps from other services. I’m finding this one to be reliable and good sound quality. It even does SMS, which is becoming much more popular in business.

Pricing: We think SimpliFONE is a great combination of cost + service + features, and with the mobile app working so well, it may work for some of your staff to use that exclusively, saving on the cost of desktop phones.  And if you are considering a new phone system, or find you are paying too much for phone system maintenance and service contracts, we’ll give you a free complete analysis of what you are spending now and what you could expect in terms of cost, functionality, reliability and next-gen features if you upgrade to SimpliFONE system. Plus we're offering a 10% off of monthly service on a 36-month contract if you buy before Dec 31, 2018. 

How to Get it: Get a phone system quote here: SimpliFONE page or call us to discuss which phone system will best suit your needs (914) 644-6471

Considerations: The sound quality will only be as good as the data connection. If I’m in North Salem and don't happen to be on WiFi, a lot of the time I just don’t answer calls because I know the connection--whether using the app or the regular cellular service--is going to be unacceptable. If I am on a customer's WiFi, the quality is great. As an example, I am sitting captive at an errand, but am on my SimpliFONE Anywhere app taking care of business, making calls that look like they are from the office.


Just for Fun

This is an oldie but a goodie. Do you have a parent that calls for tech help regularly? And perhaps all of your family issues come boiling over? When prepping for the inevitable parent support call,  no matter your age, you may find it cathartic to head on over to YouTube and type in "Teach Computers to Parents". May peace be with you.

Enjoy this one from a few years ago, still a fav: