Computer Experts Group wants to help you be more productive during this uncertain quarantine time.

Get your telephone communications back on track

We offer  SimpliFONE VOIP phone systems with deeply discounted upfront costs. You can make the move to a modern phone system that has the features needed in this crisis.

We can get your staff set up with phones in 2 days* so they can answer calls, and handle business as if they were in the office.



  • forward phone calls to cell phones
  • remote changing of outgoing messages
  • calls being able to be made from home but look like they are coming from the office
  • remote accessing of phone messages

Remote workforce set up and support

Need help getting your staff to securely access documents and applications from home? Call us for a consult. We can have your workforce up and running ASAP.

These times mean new systems, new operational challenges and new ways of communicating with staff and your customers.

We can help.


  • Email and virtual conferencing support
  • Mobile system integrations
  • Home network security
  • Remote access and Virtual desktops
  • Remote tech support
  • Software training and support
  • Computer purchasing and configuration


How can we help?

  • Computer Experts is waiving setup costs for new SimpliFONE systems
  • ZERO phone service charges for SimpliFONE for 2 months *
  • No cost cybersecurity training for your staff

Call 914-770-8647 or email to find out more.



*Limited time offer

Phone: 914-644-6471
Michael Schechter, CEO, Computer Experts Group